Meet the Committee 2015 – 2016

Oliver Teenan / Club Captain / 4th Year BioSciences

Previously playing rugby and running I decided to try something new when I got to University. I turned up to one EUTriC training session and decided to join. If you want to join an incredibly friendly and relaxed club, where you can go as far in the sport as you want to, or, turn up casually once or twice a week then is for sure something you should try. We have members who race 10 times a year and compete in other events from ‘Tough Mudder’ to marathons, and we have members who are looking to do their first ever race. If you want to meet an active, friendly group of people then come and give us a ‘tri.’


Beth Joslin  / Women’s Captain / 2nd Year Sports Science

I loved my first year with EUTriC last year. I have always enjoyed team sports but taking on triathlon was a completely different challenge! I initially joined just as a fun way to keep fit and meet new people but I have become more involved as my confidence has grown and I have now started competing. The club is so friendly and laid back and I can’t wait to be involved in its running as Womens’ Captain this year. If you ever want any advice or are unsure of anything please come and chat to me, I’m here to help and make your Triathlon experience as enjoyable as possible!

David Watson / Treasurer / 2nd Year Maths PHD

During my undergraduate and masters degrees I did no exercise, so joining EUTriC last year was a bit of a shock to the system. I have gone from barely being able to swim a length to not flinching every time I see our swim sets. For me, the training sessions have been an excellent break from work – the morning swims are an especially good start to my day. If everything goes to plan I will be taking a fairly behind the scenes roles next year, although I still hope to see everyone at training. Given my extreme age (I’m actually only 23) I feel qualified to give unsolicited advice to freshers next year, which is: join a society. Even if it isn’t EUTriC, societies are a great way to meet new people and find friends outside your course and accommodation. Who knows, you may even enjoy yourself!

Kim Renfrew / Events Secretary / 3rd Year Law

I joined EUTriC in second year looking for an exciting new challenge and it has changed my life for the better. With no sporting background I thought I was diving in at the deep end but I found that the club was extremely friendly, supportive and suited to all abilities. I am incredibly proud that I have taken part in 2 triathlons and a half marathon since, and triathlon is quickly becoming one of my passions!


Lee Markham / Social Secretary / 3rd Year Sports Science

This will be my second year on the EUTriC committee (last year I was treasurer). EUTriC has been one of the best things I’ve joined an taken part in whilst at University. The people involved are always incredibly friendly and a lot of fun to be around. So if you’re considering joining, go for it! Alice and I will be running some of the illest socials, where we will be throwing some suspect shapes in the clubs (me more than anyone).

Alice Carr / Social Secretary / 2nd Year Anthropology

I joined EUTriC at the beginning of first year. I’d always been keen to take up triathlon after a background of running and swimming and wanted to try out a new sport with the start of uni. I thoroughly enjoyed my first year training with the club and particularly enjoyed competing in the summer term where it was great to see  training paying off in my results. I’m currently looking forward to next year where I will be social sec with Lee and can’t wait to put on a number of events!

Matt Hacke / Publicity Secretary / English MA

This is my third year in EUTriC having completed my Undergraduate Degree at Exeter last year. Having come in with a vague background in competitive cross country (a long time ago) and swimming (an even longer time ago), I started as a more social member before getting hooked on the intense training schedules and regimes of being a more committed athlete. No matter which of these paths you think suits you more, I think EUTriC is incredible for both, and my involvement with the club has been one of the highlights of my prolonged time studying in Devon. As Publicity Secretary, I’ll be live-tweeting races, manning the Facebook account, bothering competitors for write-ups and generally bringing the chat at training, online and perhaps in socials. If you’re reading this as a prospective member, don’t hesitate to contact me via club social media (or any of the Committee for that matter) for more information!