Club History

The club was founded by Exeter Students Chantel Cummings & Tess Cossad in 2011, with the aim of increasing participation of Triathlon at Exeter Uni. Since then, the club has gone from strength to strength with members representing the UK for Triathlon on numerous occasions and some fantastic performances at BUCS Duathlon and Triathlon.

The hiring of Kevin Rainford as professional coach in 2014 represented a major milestone in the development of the club and his input over the three years from 2014-2017 cannot be understated.

The club reached another milestone in 2017 membership numbers reaching over 100, which was also reflected in the high numbers participating at BUCS, and testament to the hard work put in by successive committees over the last 7 years. 

With new coaches Karen Gutans joining as Swim coach in September 2017 and Katie Synge joining as Track, Circuits and Spin coach in early 2018, the club looks to continue its positive trajectory into 2018.

The club would like to thank the efforts put in by past committees to get the club to where it is today:

President: Chantal Cummings
Men’s captain:  Tom Hood
Social Secs: Lucy  Westoby (née Argall) & Bex Newell

Club Captain: Lucy  Westoby (née Argall)
Men’s captain:  Tom Kitchen
Women’s captain: Laura Wakeman
Treasurer: Mathias Loft
Stash Secretary: Lydia Allaby
PR Manager:  Joe Westley
Events Captain: Vicky Dewar-Fowler
Social Secs: Lydia Allaby & Josie Gray
Tri Training Harder Coordinator:  Bex Newell

President: Mathias Mortensen
Men’s captain:  James Phillips
Women’s captain: Harriet Browning
Treasurer: J.Turner
Stash Secretary: Ollie Teenan
Publicity Secretary:  Jack Bristow
Events Secretary: Milly Lewis
Social Secs: Ollie Teenan & Matt Kinsbrook
President: Clare Parkin
Men’s captain: Jack Bristow
Women’s captain: Meg Berry
Treasurer: Lee Markham
Stash Secretary: Meg Berry
Publicity Secretary:  Jack Bristow
Events Secretary: Alex James
Social Secs: Pablo Hutchinson & Matt Kinsbrook
General Secretary: Jack Turner
President: Ollie Teenan
Men’s captain: Ollie Thorogood
Women’s captain: Beth Joslin
Treasurer: David Watson
Stash Secretary: Ollie Teenan
Publicity Secretary:  Matt Hacke
Events Secretary: Kim Renfrew
Social Secs: Alice Carr & Lee Markham
General Secretary: Kathrine Gardener

Captain: Harry Preston
Vice Captain: Alex Foyn
Treasurer: Hannah Brown
Stash Secretary: Finn Ramirez
Publicity Secretary:  Alice Carr
Events Secretary: Lizzie Hobbs
Social Secs: Ellen P K & Quang Trang

Captain: Ellen P K 
Vice Captain: Grace Jessett
Treasurer: Jenny Withers
Stash Secretary: Brian Tai
Publicity Secretary:  Alex Foyn
Events Secretary: Finn Arentz
Social Secs: Molly Perkins & Allan Truman
Alumni Officer: Harry Preston
Captain: Seamus Sheard
Vice Captain: Sophie Woolcock
Treasurer: Matt Kuningas
Stash Secretary: Coral Hays
Publicity Secretary: Brontë Penney
Events Secretary: Simon Jones
Social Secs: Issy Defillion & Roger Reid
Welfare Officer: Kate Milsom