Meet the Committee 2017-18

I’m Ellen and I’ve been part of the triathlon club since day 1 of my time at university! I never thought I’d get quite as hooked as I have! The club were so welcoming when I first joined, so I love passing on that friendly atmosphere to other new-comers! When I first joined I was a runner, as time went on I started to enjoy swimming and eventually bought a bike – I haven’t looked back since!

  • Favourite Discipline:  The transition….. or the bike!
  • Fun Fact: I play Waterpolo  (rubbish fun fact but can’t think of anything else sorry!)

Hi, I’m Grace and I’m going into third year studying Geography. I was new to triathlon this year and have never been particularly into any of the 3 disciplines, however was captured by how inclusive the club is. I love the how welcoming the club is and that no one will ever judge you on your abilities…trust me I have a lot of experience in that regard! I have loved being part of triathlon this year and could not enthuse about it more!

  • Favourite Discipline: Running to TP

I joined triathlon in my second year having never done it before, and it was literally the best decision I made all year. Everyone is so friendly and I immediately felt part of the triathlon family. I love the variety involved in training, there are so many different sessions from spin to circuits to track to swimming and long cycles that it is impossible to ever get bored.

  • Favourite Discipline: All three, even though I suck at swimming.
  • Fun Fact: If you happen to be a kayaker, triathlon also turns out to be really good training for that too!

I’ve been doing Triathlon for about five or six years but the club has helped me improve massively over the last two years I have been a member. The Tri club is really friendly and inclusive, no matter your standard which really appealed to me when I joined in first year and I’ve not looked back since. I’d be lying if I said Triathlon wasn’t a little tough at times but you would struggle to find a more open, friendly and encouraging club on campus.

  • Favourite Discipline: The mid-ride coffee stop
  • Fun Fact: I am the king of bike selfies

I’m Finn and I am going into my second year studying Modern Languages. I have been doing triathlon for about a year and a half now, and I have seen a big improvement in all three disciplines since I joined the club during freshers last year. The club has always been full of great people who help to make you feel included, as well as being great at catering for all different levels- anybody from complete beginner to experienced Ironman will feel like they are getting the right kind of training for them, and both of these things have contributed to me personally really enjoying my first year in the club.

  • Favourite Discipline: Run or bike, just definitely not the swim
  • Fun Fact: I can speak French (avec un petit accent)

Hi! I’m Brian! I am from Hong Kong and currently in my second year studying civil engineering. I started off with swimming as my main sport until a couple years ago, I got in touch with aquathon. I got my first road bike when I first got in University and started my triathlon journey. The first year triathlon experience was amazing, it definitely helped me keep fit with many training sessions in a week and we get the opportunity to compete in races. My goal is to finish an Ironman 70.3 this year. (Hopefully)

  • Favourite Discipline: Swimming sadly… they should make the swim distance longer

Hi i’m Harry!  I competed in my first triathlon in 2013 and have loved every event since.  I am from Salcombe in South Devon and going into my third year at Exeter studying Sports Science.  I have competed in numerous events around the country and twice in Europe.  The thing I love most about the club is the chilled out atmosphere around training and competing, it’s really great and feel it brings out the best in everyone who wants to personally improve!

  • Favourite Discipline: Swim(if in the sea) if not then the Run
  • Fun Fact: Spent more time trying to do handstands this summer then triathlon training…

Hey I’m Molly, 2nd year studying Sport and Exercise medical science! My main sport before uni was running and I joined triathlon originally because of a knee injury but I think it was the best decision ever! The club atmosphere is so welcoming and family like. My fave session is the Sunday cycle (if the Lemmy didn’t effect me too much), seeing parts of Devon no one else at uni can!

  • Favourite Discipline: Running
  • Fun Fact: I run at the same athletics club as Liam Payne

After a lethargic first year I decided heading into second year that I wanted to find a new sport to improve my fitness. Fortunately I was recommended by a friend to try triathlon and I have enjoyed it from the very first day. Being a member of the club has been a great experience, it has encouraged me to compete in events which I never thought I would do, while surrounded by a great group of people. I’d recommend it to anyone.