BUCS Sprint Triathlon 2015

The bank holiday weekend once again saw the BUCS Sprint distance triathlon take place. For most of our club members taking part it was their first ever triathlon and the club was hoping for some good results. The day saw periodic heavy showers that at times made conditions treacherous and caused a couple of delays while officials waited for standing water to clear. Despite this, nearly everyone from EUTriC who took part had a great time and left feeling really proud of what they had achieved.

The first off from Exeter were Kim Renfrew and Amy Hough. Despite her chain coming off part of the way around the bike route, Kim really enjoyed her race and was very happy to finish, though she’ll be looking to improve her times on the bike and run in future. Amy also enjoyed her first race and was happy not to finish last, despite being caught up in transition as she forgot to put her t-shirt on before she put on her helmet!

Maddie Heywood was next to race and she finished her first triathlon in a time of 1:33:22.4. This was despite setting off a bit too hard on the swim and nursing a knee injury on the run, which suggests that she will be able to do even better in her next race. Beth Joslin was next to start and by this point the weather was beginning to turn nasty. Despite this, Beth drew encouragement from the support of her team mates and put in transitions and a run that she was very happy with. Hilary Davey also faced the worst of the weather for her first triathlon, though she refused to let this get her down. If anything she was motivated to finish faster and is looking forward to improving in future events.

Matt Hacke and Joseph Perkins were the next to race. Joseph had set a personal best time in the London marathon the week before but was pleasantly surprised by how well his legs held up in the race. He was especially pleased with his swim, which was a big personal improvement, and the bike even if the inclement weather slowed him down a bit on the run. Matt had run into mechanical difficulties before he even arrived at the race and as a result had to borrow a spare bike. Despite this he put in a decent performance in his first triathlon, in particular he was happy with his run.

Alice Carr and Nicholas Elvidge both set off in the same wave. For Alice it was her first triathlon and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience despite the weather. As with many of her team mates she identified areas that she can work to improve for the next time, namely her transitions and bike leg. Nick had to endure the worst of the weather during his cycling stint but despite this he still put in his best ever performance on the bike. Although he started to cramp up towards the end of the run he still finished strongly and was disappointed to miss out on going sub 1:20:00 but a few seconds which left him ruing the fact that he may have swam a couple of extra lengths.

It was just before Jack Bristow started that the heavens really opened, leading to his start being delayed by a few minutes. Jack had come into this race with hopes for a great result but was frustrated after an officiating error led to him doing two extra lengths in the pool. He was disappointed with his performance on the bike but felt better on the run and finished with a respectable time of 1:12:05.4. Last to go was Ollie Thorogood whose strong swimming ability placed him in one of the later waves. His race went pretty much as he predicted with a strong swim, followed by a weaker bike stint before holding on to finish strongly on the run. As this was his first triathlon he was happy to get a times to target in future events.

Jack was the top male finisher from EUTriC in 47th and Maddie was the top female in 91st. The top men’s team of Jack, Joseph and Nick finished 31st with a combined time of 3:48:35 and the top women’s team was 27th in a time of 4:38:23.

The full results from EUTriC are as follows:

Jack Bristow – 48th overall – 47th male – 1:12:05.4
Joseph Perkins – 101st overall – 94th male – 1:16:18.9
Nicholas Elvidge – 163rd overall – 149th male – 1:20:10.4
Ollie Thorogood – 295th overall – 244th male – 1:27:20.2
Beth Joslin – 357th overall – 74th female – 1:31:26.0
Maddie Heywood – 384th overall – 91st female – 1:33:22.4
Alice Carr – 389th overall – 94th female – 1:33:34.5
Hilary Davey – 415th overall – 108th female – 1:35:21.7
Matt Hacke – 436th overall – 317th male – 1:37:23.0
Kim Renfrew – 513rd overall – 174th female – 1:57:35.4
Amy Hough – 514th overall – 175th female – 2:00:47.2

Full results can be found here.