BUCS Sprint Triathlon 2014

The University of Exeter Triathlon Club sent 11 athletes to compete in the BUCS Sprint Triathlon in Calne, Wiltshire. For some, it was their first ever triathlon, whilst others were hoping to improve on their attempt the previous year. The weather was great throughout the day and quite a few people ended up catching the sun, though this didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.

First to start was Joscha Ramcke. Despite struggling slightly on the swim, he was hoping to make up a lot of ground on the bike and he duly put in the second fastest bike time of the Exeter athletes, passing several people along the way and coming into the second transition with only one person ahead of him. Though he was unable to maintain his charge on the run he finished strongly and was temporarily 5th in the overall standings.

Next up was Lee Markham, competing in his first ever triathlon. Although he felt his swim was a little slow he went into the bike feeling strong and was able to pass four people before transitioning to the run, his strongest of the three disciplines. He passed another four people and finished a highly respectable 347th overall. Overall, Lee was very pleased with how his first event went.

The next wave saw a close race between the Glynn twins, Ellie and Finola. Ellie was the first out of the swim, 25 seconds ahead of Finola. Finola then caught and passed Ellie on the bike and pulled away further the run, finishing 441st overall with Ellie finishing 469th shortly afterwards.

Pablo Hutchinson and Ollie Teenan were the next to start. Pablo was very happy with his swim time and was almost surprised by how quickly he got into the first transition. Though he struggled a bit on the bike leg due to inexperience of road cycling he pushed through and followed it up with a strong run. Overall, he really enjoyed his first triathlon and wanted to do another as soon as he finished. Ollie put in a really strong bike and his run was one of the 50 fastest runs overall. He finished in a time of 1:17:42.8, shaving eight and a half minutes off his time from the previous year.

Emily Paix was another club member to improve on her time from the previous year. She was very happy to go faster than last year, despite getting briefly held up behind a tractor during the bike. Sam Harris also beat his time from last year by 6 minutes and 15 seconds, with a particularly strong bike leg. He finished a competetive 170th overall.

Clare Parkin had a very strong race considering it was her first ever triathlon. Despite a small mishap in the first transition, she had a very strong bike leg considering she only started cycling in September. Although she felt there was some potential to go faster on the run, she still finished in the top 200 overall and was the 29th fastest woman. Laura Wakeham also had a strong race, despite finding the swim a bit busy, and improved by 8 minutes compared to last year. Her time of 1:25:38.9 put her as the 64th fastest woman.

Jack Bristow, celebrating his 20th birthday, had a very good race where he felt that things could not have gone better. He was racing closely with a couple of athletes from the University of Birmingham throughout the race and, despite losing out to them on the run, he finished in the top 100 overall.

Despite a long wait to start his race, James Phillips put in the strongest performance of the day for Exeter athletes, finishing an incredible 27th overall. Although he felt that he could have gone slightly faster on the swim, he set the 50th fastest bike time of the day and the 16th fastest run!

The top men’s team of James, Jack and Ollie finished with a combined time of 3:42:31, placing them 22nd in the BUCS Men’s standings, whilst the top women’s team of Clare, Laura and Emily had a combined time of 4:18:01 and finished 20th in the BUCS Women’s standings.

Some quotes from those who took part:

“For my first triathlon experience, I had a cracking time!¬†Overall, it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.” – Pablo Hutchinson

“This was my first triathlon and the best and most rewarding experience I’ve ever had. There was loads of camaraderie from the team and even other competitors during the race; everyone at the event acknowledges that even finishing is something to be proud of.” – Lee Markham


The full results for University of Exeter Triathlon Club members are as follows:

27th – James Phillips – 1:10:05.5 – 27th overall
77th – Jack Bristow – 1:14:41. 7 – 85th overall
113th – Ollie Teenan – 1:17:42.8 – 129th overall
144th – Sam Harris – 1:20:51.9 – 170th overall
209th – Joscha Ramcke – 1:25:20.6 – 270th overall
253rd – Lee Markham – 1:30:11.0 – 347th overall
262nd – Pablo Hutchinson – 1:32:19.4 – 370th overall

29th – Clare Parkin – 1:21:04.3 – 176th overall
64th – Laura Wakeham – 1:25:38.9 – 275th overall
103rd – Emily Paix – 1:31:17.3 – 360th overall
157th – Finola Glynn – 1:41:56.2 – 441st overall
174th – Ellie Glynn – 1:53:21.4 – 469th overall


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Full results can be found here.