Middlemoor Aquathlon

The Middlemoor Aquathlon, which took place at the Police Headquarters in Exeter, was a quieter affair than the previous two races as a large number of club members had gone away for the Easter break. Nevertheless, six club members took part in the race and achieved significant success for the club. The run of good luck with the weather finally broke, as the race took part in windy and wet conditions that made the grass run route somewhat slicker than many would have preferred.

The day started early with Sarah McKenna once again competing in the Novice race, despite club captain Mathias Loft’s attempts to persuade her that you could only do it once. Sarah had a great race, shaving minutes off her time from Sidmouth, and finished 2nd in the Novice Female category.

Next up were Jess Hughes and Joe Osborne. Joe put in a very strong performance that once again raised questions about why he was in an earlier wave, whilst Jess was happy to have once again improved on her previous time, knocking three minutes off her previous best and finishing 14th in the Senior Female category.

Mathias, Jack Bristow and Josh Donaldson went off in the last three waves respectively. All three put in their usual strong performances, though Jack struggled slightly on the swim as a result of water coming into his goggles. Josh was very happy with his improved form on the run.

Between the three of them and Joe, University Triathlon Club members occupied four of the top five positions in the Senior Male category. Mathias was unlucky to miss out on the win by 22 seconds but still finished second, putting himself in a strong position for the overall standings which will be decided in the final race. Third through to fifth was very close between Josh, Jack and Joe, with 30 seconds separating the three of them. In the end, Josh’s very strong swim meant that he pipped Jack to third, with Joe finishing fifth.

The final race of the Aquathlon series will take place on the 11th of May at the University and it’s hoped that the University Triathlon Club can continue their success on home turf.


Some quotes from those who took part:

“Despite the weather it was fun and it was awesome to see everyone do well” – Jess Hughes

“It was a really enjoyable day and the results the club achieved were fantastic” – Jack Bristow


The full results for University of Exeter Triathlon Club members are as follows:


 Mathias Loft, 2nd Р25:13
Josh Donaldson, 3rd – 26:27
Jack Bristow, 4th – 26:46
Joe Osborne, 5th – 26:57


Jess Hughes, 14th – 37:48


Sarah McKenna, 2nd – 34:54

Full results can be found here.