BUCS Duathlon 2013

Last Sunday, 24 students from Exeter’s Triathlon Club took part in the BUCS Duathlon at Castle Combe race track in Wiltshire. Taking place alongside the aptly named “Chilly Duathlon”, the team had to wrap up against the elements on a day that reached a brisk peak temperature of 6°.

The first BUCS event of the year saw a large turnout from universities across the country, and tough competition for all our members. The big growth in the club this year was highlighted by the fact that only five members of the Exeter team had competed last year, with the BUCS Duathlon being the first ever multisport event for many others.

BUCS standings for triathlon events are decided by ranking the finishing times of athletes from each university into groups of three and combining the times of each threesome. In and event inevitably dominated by Loughborough, Exeter’s top men’s team of James Phillips, Mathias Loft and Ollie Teenan ranked a strong 20th overall with James posting Exeter’s fastest time of 46:57.6 and placing a fantastic 41st individually.

The top women’s team of Clare Parkin, Rachael Kelleher and Emily Dow ranked 12th. Clare was the fastest woman from Exeter, finishing 24th in a time of 54:32.5. However, the first and second men’s teams would both have placed higher if Ollie and Jack Bristow hadn’t been handed two minute time penalties after the race for drafting infringements. Finola Glynn also suffered misfortune during the race, entering the first transition only to find that her bike had a puncture and being forced to retire.

Everyone from Exeter put in fantastic performances, with highlights including Emily Paix’s gritty determination to finish despite injury, hobbling across the line before collapsing. She described it as: “a good first race of the season against a really tough field, even if it was a bit painful at times.”

Similarly, Laurence Higgins pushed himself above and beyond the call of duty, rushing off to both be sick and deal with a nosebleed immediately after finishing. Also, Jessica Hughes should be commended for completing the bike ride on a hybrid, having to watch other people ride past on road bikes.

Finally, Lee Markham deserves a special mention for turning up at 7.30am on a Sunday to wish everyone luck, despite the fact he couldn’t race due to an injury he picked up the day before.

Overall, it was a very strong performance from the Exeter team that all members can be proud of. The goal now is to carry this momentum through winter training and get great results in the local Aquathlon series in the spring. Meanwhile, Ollie and Jack will be spending the winter studying the rule book.

The full results for Exeter athletes are as follows:
James Phillips – 46:57.6
Mathias Loft – 47:10.9
Ollie Teenan – 50:42.9 (+2:00.0)
Rob Wilcox – 50:51.9
Sam Barker – 51:38.5
Jack Bristow – 51:48.9 (+2:00.0)
Pete Dennison – 53:24.0
Sam Harris – 55:35.8
Joscha Ramcke – 56:26.8
Pablo Hutchinson – 59:22.7
Matt Smith – 1:00:55.0
Laurence Higgins – 1:01:23.0
Nick Howe – 1:01:33.2
Andy Hill – 1:01:47.5

Clare Parkin – 54:32.5
Rachael Kelleher – 57:18.0
Emily Dow – 58:17.1
Harriet Browning – 58:22.5
Emily Paix – 1:02:22.3
Samantha Malins – 1:10:28.4
Sarah Mckenna – 1:14:37.9
Jessica Hughes – 1:18:48.5
Finola Glynn – DNF

Full results can be found here.